Baseboard Heater Systems

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Outstanding Baseboard Heating Systems

There are so many types of baseboard heating systems in the market today. However, for most people the most important priority when it comes to baseboard heating systems is energy efficiency and also cost effectiveness. Baseboard heating can be a challenging undertaking and you have to be very careful before you make the decision on which brands to buy. Ultimately, you need to look at the budget you have and see the kind of heating systems it can buy without really undermining the overall effectiveness of the heating system.

Types Of Baseboard Heating Systems

There are three major types of baseboard heaters that you can consider. It all depends on availability, the heating needs you have, and most importantly, the amount of money you want to spend in the long run. The following are some of the major types of baseboard heating systems in the market:

Boiler Heating System

The boiler heating system is basically used in buildings and makes use of boiled water and other heat retaining fluids to warm up an entire home or building. The entire system includes a boiler, pipes and baseboard radiators. The system works in a very simple way. Water is heated through the boiler where it is picked by a pump and piped into the baseboard radiator. The radiator contains a series of curled pipes which then release the heat to the building.

Solar Heating System

The solar baseboard heating systems work practically the same as the boiler only that the source of energy here is the sun. Water is basically heated by the sun and then flows into pipes that are good in retaining heat. The heated water then proceeds to the baseboard unit where its heat is distributed all across the building. There are other advanced solar baseboard heating systems that actually have their own water storage tank connected to an electric heat source for raising the water temperature in case the solar energy is not enough.

Electric Baseboard Heating System

The electric baseboard heating system is one of the common in the market. It utilizes electricity as the main source of heat. Unlike in other systems where the heat is created elsewhere and then transmitted to the baseboard system for distribution, here the heat is created right at the baseboard system where electrical current is converted into heat using copper coils. The electrical baseboard heating system will need an electrical source of up to 240 volts and is one of the most effective heating systems, especially for bigger buildings.

Getting the perfect baseboard heating system is not such a difficult thing and with the diversity of options available in the market, there is no reason why you cannot get a quality system for your home or commercial property.