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March 15, 2017

Doctors in Richmond

When you went to bed last night maybe you felt a little tingle in the back of your throat, now when you wake up in the morning that tingle has turned into a nasty sore throat.  So you do what most people do in this situation, you call your doctor.  But your doctor can’t see you right now, they are all booked up.  It doesn’t matter that you are sick, they are too busy.  After all you are just one of many patients they have, and the sad reality is that you are little more than a revenue stream for many medical offices.  Without access to your doctor you will probably have to go to a hospital or an urgent care facility.  Not only is this going to cost you a lot more, it’s going to reduce the quality of your care in many instances.  Not only are private GPs Richmond in places like this unfamiliar with you, they are also under a lot of pressure to get you out and get to the next patient. So in the end you end up paying more and getting a lower level of healthcare because your doctor was too busy to see you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a family Richmond doctor that went out of their way to not only see you when you need to be seen, but to also make your care a top priority as well? This may seem like a pipe dream, but the reality is that there are doctor’s offices out there that will go above and beyond to care for their patients.  One such doctor’s office is Roseneath Medical Practice.  At Roseneath Medical Practice they operate under the idea that all patients deserve quality, timely, and above all else excellent care.

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